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BEER- Civilization's first health food.

Making inspired beer in Laotto, in

Established 2015, by family, for family.

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The Destination

LaOtto Brewing is located just 10 minutes north of Fort Wayne, Indiana. All of our beer is carefully crafted on-site and served in our brewpub. Come thirsty, and bring friends.



Just like the breweries of old, LaOtto Brewing is family-owned and operated. Year after year our family grows bigger through the relationships forged in our taproom.


The team



The brewing team includes Head Brewer Josh Brames, Assistant Brewer Jeremie Brames, and Keg Jockey Lincoln Napier. Josh and Jeremie have shared a passion for creating high-quality alcoholic beverages since they were children making wine with their grandfather. Lincoln is the newest member of the brew crew. He enjoyed drinking our beer so much he just had to learn how to make it. 


The brewpub team is lead by Lynne Koepper (also our resident microbiologist) and is comprised of all the friendly faces you see when you visit. Lauryn, Katy, Michael, Mary, Lora, and Cat help her to keep things running smoothly in the kitchen and behind the bar, and create the welcoming atmosphere in our taproom.


In addition to Lynne and Josh, David and Janet round out the roster of owners active in the management of LaOtto Brewing. David is the President, and Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator. Janet is CFO and Human Resources Manager.